Meal Times

We provide a healthy balanced diet and multicultural meals that meet our children’s nutritional needs and take into consideration any dietary requirements.

Our mealtimes are a sensory experience often using all five senses, making it more engaging. We offer help and role model manners and eating behaviour, conversation and create a calm and relaxed eating environment.

We provide food from different countries supporting positive recognition of different cultures and also encourage children to learn, enjoy and respect other traditions and cultures.

We encourage children's independence at meal times by allowing them to serve themselves and we support the transition to school by using a school dinner approach where children are encouraged to hold their plates with food dished by carers to their table.

Our Nursery Food

Our nursery cook has been working with us for over 10 years, she has a Level 2 qualification in food and Hygiene and is continually refreshing her knowledge through regular training.

We use fresh fruits and vegetables which are delivered from a reputable supplier each week. We operate a rotational 4-week menu which is shared with parents in advance.