EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

We include all seven areas of learning within the programme and ensure that each individual child’s needs are met and encourage independence and curiosity. Our programme is based around play, which is used to develop skills and increase engagement in learning. This helps children develop their language, social and creative skills while learning about the world around them.

Personal social and emotional development

Communication and language

Expressive arts and design

Understanding the world

Physical development



Monitoring your child's progress

Our key workers complete ongoing observations to track progress and inform future planning for learning activities. We follow a framework from educational guidance and recognise every child’s individuality, efforts and achievements.
Additionally, we provide the compulsory two years old report between the ages of 2 and 3.

Learning Journeys

When your child starts nursery, they will receive a learning journey in which they can track their learning progress. The learning journey documents what your child is learning, and activities they have completed so that you can track their development, and we can set future work. The journey will have notes from carers, photographs, artwork and home observations to create an in-depth picture of your child’s progress.

Going the extra mile

As well as providing great Early Years learning, we aim to deepen our children’s knowledge and skills by offering other activities that allow them to access their potential.